What are you reading this holibobs? :D

Posted by Miss Langston on April 13, 2014 in Year 6 |

I’m currently reading a book titled The Foster Husband. An easy read, just fun and you dont’t have to think too hard! That’s what holidays are for :D

What are you reading?


SATS Help!

Posted by Mr Collard on April 13, 2014 in Year 6 |

I hope you are all having a great holiday. For those of you with tablets, you can download this app Maths Duel for free today


It is great for practising all those mental maths skills.

10 days of holiday left!


A little holiday Thunk…

Posted by Miss Langston on April 9, 2014 in Year 6 |

If any of you fancy a thunking discussion.

Do plants feel?

Miss L x


What were they?

Posted by Chloe on April 4, 2014 in Year 6 |

In New York, in 1950 there lived a little girl named Elizabeth.  Elizabeth was only 5-years-old and she had an older sister named Amy who was 8-years-old. Even though Elizabeth was just 5, she was a complete genius so she was put in Amy’s year. They both lived with their mother and father in a beautiful house happily!  The two girls loved school and their family, they were two beautiful, smart girls with brown hair and hazel eyes.

One day their mother woke up late so had to get the girls ready for school as quick as possible.  Once the girls had got dressed, Amy and Elizabeth had to rush to school with their mother in under 10 minutes.  Luckily they just got there before they rang the bell to got to English.  In school one of the only things that they think about is what their dad was doing at work.  At lunch time the two girls were playing tag together with Amy’s best friend Rebecca and Elizabeth’s best friend Bella when the school bell rang for hot school dinners.

Once they got counted, checked and sent in for dinners, they realized that the person that counted them was not a real teacher and the person who taught them was not an adult either in fact they were just year six’s!  Then, when they got to the cafeteria’s counter the dinner lady’s weren’t there either!   Soon the girls got suspicious so went into the playground to update their friends but when they got there no-one was there, this was getting scary now so the girls went to the classroom to try and work out what was happening.

“Hey, Amy, you might want to see this!” shouted Elizabeth.

“Oh, that is what I call freaky!  RUNNNNN!!!!!!” screamed Amy.  If you are wondering what was there then here you go,  Elizabeth just saw lots of creature’s in black hood’s  with blood dripping from their teeth.

But who or what were they?            Please leave comments on my writing and tell me                                                                    what you think the creatures were!

Thanks for reading my writing!


100 WC

Posted by Emily on April 4, 2014 in Year 6 |

My heart thumped loudly as I ran across the hard stone ground below me. I needed to go as fast as my eleven year old legs could carry me. I had a watch on my wrist, as I eyed the time, I lost an hour.

It was March, and the clocks were going forward meaning I lost an extra hour of my life.

I needed to save the girl waiting for me. She didn’t have enough time. I approached the park. She wasn’t there, but I saw a girl lying on the grass.

But I thought I had enough time?


Tuesday 1st April – The Minatour

Posted by Ellie on April 4, 2014 in Year 6 |

Hi guys, today Year 6 went to Bristol to the Old Vic theatre to see a Greek play called the Minatour.

  So today we were watching the Minatour and here are my thoughts and questions of the play.

The characters are:

Roddy Peters Minos
Jessica Macdonald Ariadne
Malcolm Hamilton Aegeus
Jack Holden Theseus                              It thought the play was excellent because

everyone knew their lines and they were not

afraid to get into their characters!

How long did it take to rehearse the

whole play?


Monday 31st March – By Ellie

Posted by Ellie on April 1, 2014 in Year 6 |

Hi guys, I can’t wait for the Ancient Greek play the Minatour!  The Minatour is a Greek myth of a half man and half Bull. It has been passed on many times by mouth. I’ll post all about it tomorrow ( 1st April).




Today in school

Posted by Esme on March 31, 2014 in Year 6 |

Today in school we started our day off with literacy.We are writing a text compareing the new version of charlie and the chocolate factory to the old one.In numarecy we did a test because our sats are only 3 weeks away! The test was not to tricky but had a few harder questions towards the back. After luch we had ICT we were continueing on our faith book prodjects but somepeople were unable to get on the sight they made a pic collage using the Ipads instead.Finally we had thunking the question that was posed was ‘is war a good thing’.


Maths homework

Posted by Esme on March 29, 2014 in Year 6 |

This is my maths homework so far !! I have managed to make 3 pyramids with 2 pieces of paper. I love doing this. I’m making more and more also this evening I’m going to teach my family how to make them !!



Today’s Blog is by Jacob.

Posted by Tom on March 26, 2014 in Year 6 |

Today, in the morning we had to slip into the shoes of Charlie from the original film “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” We all watched the scene where the characters enter the chocolate room (A.K.A  THE WONDERLAND)

During Numeracy, in Mr Collard’s group we converted fractions, percentages and decimals. We were split into three groups and done different activites. One group did Investigating fractions and decimals using a hundred square we had seven questions to answer. The second group did changing percentages to decimals,decimals to pecentages,pecentages to fractions,fractions to pecentages. The third group played dominos so you have decimals,pecentages,fractions words so you match the decimals to the words or percaentages or fractions.

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