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On Friday 20th, some Y6s visited Worle school to learn about the Bloodhound SSC. Bloodhound SSC, is a supersonic car. We learnt about 3D printing, how the car works and how they use telemetry to improve the car. We even got to build our own cars from K’nex.


Emily in peroxide protection wear





Ellie’s Homework 17th June 2014

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I came down the stairs one day, it was early Monday morning, at the bottom of the stairs, there was a glass jar, I wondered what it could be for.

I was on my way to my School ‘Spellbound Prep’, I thought that because I was a witch I could cast a spell to move the jar out of the way, “Liftius-out-ofthewayius” I muttered.

As soon as I had muttered the words of the spell, as Wizard came rushing in bellowing “NO”! Stop it.

“What is wrong Cedric? why can’t I move it out of the way?”.

“I had it set in a specific place! shouted Cedric”, I apologised to Cedric but he would not forgive me, and he cast a spell and I ended up in the jar!!!!

I suggested anger management but NO!! suddenly he sent me to a magical world with three guards and a poor, old leafless tree.

Half an hour later, I was still stuck In the jar, I tried using my wand to get out but the powers would not work, I felt useless; my powers were inept.

“Cedric,Cedric?” I shouted ” I’m sorry I promise to never touch your belongings again, please let me out!” I pleaded.

Cedric and I worked out an agreement, I am now Cedric’s apprentice.









Girl in the jar

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Girl in the jar

One day there was a girl and she was heading towards a castle for a day out to see all the queens Crown Jewels. An hour later the jewels all went it was mysterious. Three guards came along they said to her,
“Do you know what happened to these missing Crown Jewels.” But she did not know anything about the Crown Jewels being nicked. So there peeping away in the corner of her eye was a boy with a sack she thought it was him. So she went to the guards and said that she saw a boy in the corner of her eye, but as soon as she told them that he went and the guards quoted
“Where is he if you saw him in the corner of your eye or is it just your pure imagination. Hey.” There was no evidence that she had seen the boy in the corner of her eye. The guards thought that she was talking nonsense.
She got sent down. If you had got sent down you would be prisoner in a jar for the rest of your life. That’s what she had done she got sent down in a jar for the rest of her life, unless the boy that she seen confessed. The guards had sat there and waited until she would suffocate in the jar. And so she did she screamed and screamed to get out of the jar but it did not work. She suffocated.


STOP PRESS! The Joke Machine

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Year 6, our school will be on CBBC on Thursday 29th May at 5.55pm. Tell everyone!
There is another episode (26) coming on later in June. I imagine we’ll be split across the 2 programmes. The BBC have edited some of the episodes so it may mean some of your jokes aren’t included so be prepared for that!


SH Library Visit

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Mrs Hutchinson’s class are due to visit the library tomorrow (Monday). Please remember any library tickets or books to return. Enjoy the sun!


Eurovision afternoon in 6rc

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Today we were doing something crazy, we brought in some funny costumes or pieces and made up a song about a country and we were

scored out of 20.

Here are a few crazy outfits!

PTDC0001 PTDC0002 PTDC0003    PTDC0007 PTDC0008   PTDC0011


Listen to some of our songs at:



Have a good weekend!


Today’s blog

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Wow; I really can’t believe that we all have SATS next week! We are all trying to hide our nerves because we are nearing the moment when we find out if our six, or maybe seven years at Ashcombe are going to be worth it. I have a hunch that we are probarbly going to be more tired that the aftermarth of Morfa Bay. The hall and classroom will be filled with the sound of cogs grinding in our heads.


SATS…….. ARE………..COMING !!!


Graces 100wc!!!!!

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Today it was Friday 2nd may 2014. I just came home from school , it was ok. I ran into my room and sat down on my bed.My mum said to me” Grace its time for dinner “. I ran down the stairs and sat down on the dinner table . I had KFC , YUM YUM there i went back into my room and went on youtube and waced SSG. Then i got in my Pjs and sat on my bed. Then about 9:00 i got a snack becuse i was hunger. And, when i opened the cupboard door …… And i saw a Hoilday tickct to new york ….


Engineering Day

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India and Engineering Day 037 

India and Engineering Day 039 India and Engineering Day 022 India and Engineering Day 023 India and Engineering Day 026 India and Engineering Day 027 India and Engineering Day 036


Year 6 enjoyed the Engineering Day at Priory School today. They had the challenge to build a wind turbine, they had to cost out all of the materials and they then tested to see how much electricity their turbine could generate.

A great day was had by all of our young engineers!

One of our teams also took the top prize too! Well done to Anthony, Lorna, Chloe, Melissa and Noah!


caroline attkins

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on wednesday night i had cricket and when i got there  my friends and i had a suprise in store for us. caroline Attkins, former opening bats person for somerset county was there to take over our training session. to start off with we had to do a catching drill which was very confusing at first but then we got the hang of iit. in the end of that drill we managed to get 29 catches without dropping the ball. i had a graet time.

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